Dr. Million Belay




Befekadu Refera (Program Coordinator)



Befekadu Refera

(Program Coordinator)




Tesfaye Berhanu (Finance and Administration Manager)


Tesfaye Berhanu

(Finance and Administration Manager)


Edlawit Tegegn

(Administration Assistant)






Andualem Tarekegn

(Driver and Expeditor)


Elsabeth Abebe

(Office Assistant)






Mersha Yilma

(Information and Documentation Officer)







Shimelis Tegegn

(Suba-Sebeta Branch office Coordinator)


Samrawit Shiferaw

(Environmental Education Officer)



Endale Sahilu

(Environmental Education Officer)


Abebayehu Kassaye

(Environmental education coordinator, Bale)


Tesfaye Tola

(Bale branch office coordinator)

Kerya Yasin

(Sheka Branch Office Coordinator)


Adugna Shewano

(Office Coordinator, Sheka project)






Yeshitla Negussie

(Project Officer, Sheka project)




MELCA, revitalizing the missing links! MELCA-Ethiopia formerly known, as MELCA Mahiber is a non-governmental organization registered under the Charities and Societies Agency of Ethiopia with a certificate no. 3408 as an Ethiopian resident charity.


MELCA means ford both in Amharic and Oromo language – two of the widely spoken languages of Ethiopia. It means a crossing point on a river, which is symbolically used to indicate the need to take people away from their misconception about local people and culture to an understanding and appreciation of traditional ecological knowledge. A river also signifies linkage with a source. If the source dries, the river also dries. More