Suba-Sebeta Project Area in Oromia National Regional State

Suba is an area where the oldest protected area (Menagesha-Suba Forest) in Africa is found. It is where the oldest afro dry montane forest and rich in biological diversity is found. Despite these historical facts, however, the status of conservation being rendered to this forest is becoming weaker and weaker from time to time. One of the reasons for the weakening of the conservation status is believed to be the expansion of towns, as the forest is found just a few kilometers away from the capital Addis Ababa, and the erosion of cultural values accorded to the forest and trees as a consequence.

Hence MELCA opened its second branch office in the Suba- Sebeta area with the aim of contributing its part to efforts for the conservation of not only the old Suba-Sebeta forest and its biodiversity, but also the culture of the local community from being totally dominated by the western culture and values.

To this effect MELCA is currently undertaking different programs in the area including Environmental Education (SEGNI), which mainly involves school children, Environmental Advocacy, which focuses on different stakeholders including government organs, soil and water conservation activities. Alternative livelihood improvement and it has also recently, launched, Population, Health and Environment (PHE), a program implemented in schools in integration with SEGNI. MELCA is also implementing participatory mapping program in Suba-Sebeta project area. The P3DM next to Bale has been done here.