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The word Melca means ‘ford’ in both Amharic and Oromiffa Languages. It means a crossing point on a river.
Strengthening farmers innovation and ensuring food sovereignty in diversity
Environmental Governance
Local ownership and system for healthy ecosystem
Children and Youth Empowerment For intergenerational learning and creation of eco-advocate Eco-friendly Livelihood Improvement Promoting harmonious livelihood to culture and nature

Our Vision

To see healthy and prosperous people that preserves their bio-cultural diversity

Our Mission

To work for healthy ecosystems, resilient communities and critical young generation through developing and institutionalizing innovative approaches and experiences

Goal/Overall Objective

To increase the adaptive capacity to social and ecological shocks of communities and contribute to the creation of a healthy ecosystem and resilient community.

biosphere reserve in Ethiopia, Agroecology, Ethiopian NGO
Environmental Governance
Eco-friendly Livelihoods Improvement
Children and Youth Empowerment

Biosphere Reserve

Biosphere Reserve:

We Facilitating Nominating and Adoption of the Majang and Sheka Forest Biosphere Reserves to registered by UNISCO


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