MELCA-Ethiopia Held the 17th General Assembly Meeting

MELCA-Ethiopia Held the 17th General Assembly Meeting
Where they are MELCA-Ethiopia general assembly members on March 27, 2021 MELCA-Ethiopia held 17th general assembly meeting.
Ato Alemayehu Ayalew MELCA-Ethiopia General Assembly V/Chair while leading the meeting
Ato Solomon Kebede MELCA-Ethiopia Director while presenting plan and report
During the meeting the 2020 audit report of MELCA-Ethiopia is presented by recruited audit firm and the GA members are endorsed the report. And the 2020 progress report and 2021 annual plan are presented by MELCA-Ethiopia board chair person Asst. Prof. Mellese Damtie and MELCA-Ethiopia director Ato Solomon Kebede. The the GA members are discussed on the presented plan and report and endorsed.
Asst. Prof. Mellese Damtie MELCA-Ethiopia Board chair
The general assembly members raised questions and comments on presented plan and report, and MELCA-Ethiopia director Ato Solomon has reflected on the raised question and comments.
Finally the General Assembly meeting is closed by endorsing new MELCA-Ethiopia one board members.