The role of fire tower for prevention of forest fire

Fire tower is a new technique to watch the incidence of fire in forest and have a great contribution to minimizing fire damages and prevent when the fire occurs.

In physical year of 2020 MELCA-Ethiopia constructed five fire towers in Majang zone Godere woreda and Mengeshi woreda. And the higher officials from Region and Zone visited the site which is the fire tower constructed and they appreciated the effort done by the project.

Regional vice President visiting the fire tower and giving guidance how to use the forest fire for monitoring the fire incidence

The identified kebeles are Gonchi kebele of Godere and Ashine, Baya, Newi, and kokori kebeles of Mengeshi Woreda. PFM members and Rangers given assignment to watch the situation-using tower and immediately report to their respective kebele, woredas and zonal offices.

All concerned promised to effectively follow and report if any incidence happened. In addition to construction of fire tower awareness raising for communities on the incidence of fire given in Godere woreda, Gonchi kebele for 32 community members (23 male and 9 female).

The construction of fire tower is expected to highly contribute to monitor the incidence of fire for the remaining project life and also can be used to watch Majang the forest by interested individuals or visitors.