Woreilu Experiment Field for local Seed Varity

MELCA-Ethiopia is running a project entitled “Rural Livelihood Enhancement Project-Wereilu” in three kebeles of Wereilu district in South Wello zone of Amhara Regional State since August 2018 with a fund secured from BfW.MELCA-Ethiopia Woreilu Project Area has an experimental field for the local seed variety. In the experimental filed there is 30 local wheat seed, 3 local teaf seed, 2 local pea (Ater) seed, 1 local Shimbra seed and 1 local Lentil (Misir) seeds. Over all 37 local seed variety sowing in the experiment field (Nursery Site) to produce, promote and conserve the local seed varieties for smallholder farmers in the project intervention kebeles.

MELCA-Ethiopia got those local seed from Ethio Organic Seed Action (EOSA).

Woreilu project staffs making organic compost

In addition to this on the experiment field MELCA-Ethiopia making organic compost and promote for smallholder farmers in the project intervention kebeles, than inorganic fertilizer.