Workshop to regional/zonal forestry agencies on the need for improved forestry policy

MELCA-Ethiopia organized the consultative meeting on the need for improve forestry policy; & awareness raising workshop on Majang zone protected forest development, conservation and utilization regulation with the financial support Embassy of Sweden through Farm Africa on December 14-15, 2020 at Gambella.

One of the project outcome of the project entitled “G4F PROGRAM II: Natural Resources Management for Resilience and Economic Growth for Rural Ethiopia, Majang Project” is improved enabling environment for regional forest policy. To address this outcome MELCA-Ethiopia hired consultant to review relevant regional forest polices as well as policy at federal level and other regions. The consultant will present his finding and recommendation on this workshop.

Objective: Assessment of Regional forest policy to identify gaps if any and recommend for improvement if that will contribute for the conservation and development of forest in the region (validation of the finding of the consultant).

Topic of workshop

  1. Presentation of the finding by the consultant and recommendation.
  2. Core area regulation
  3. Forest encroachment and legal action taken the last 2 to 3 years