Tributes to Captain Gebremedihin Berga Dagaga “vocal public interest advocate”

Tributes to Captain Gebremedihin Berga Dagaga "vocal public interest advocate"

It is with immense grief and utmost anguish and a great sense of loss that we have come to learn the passing away of a brother, a giant comrade in public interest litigation, ardent advocate of consumers’ safety and right, mentor, protagonist and true to the cause leader, CAPTAIN GEBREMEDIHIN BERGA DAGAGA.

He passed away though unexpectedly, in the console of his beloved wife, children and family on the 4th of May, 2021 and his burial ceremony took place on 5th of May 2021 at Holy Savior of the World Church (Medhaniyalem), in Addis Ababa,


CAPTAIN GEBREMEDIHIN BERGA, was an enviable environment spirited and rural community right conscious fearless and selfless zealous fighter, who gave all his life to the cause.

He was also an international hero for fighting for the causes of biosafety, climate justice and seed and food sovereignty of smallholder framers in the developing countries. His special dedications to the causes of local communities right, protection of local traditional and ecological knowledge system, fair and equitable benefits sharing make him an outstanding and insightful person.

CAPTAIN GEBREMEDIHIN BERGA, is also a graduate professional cadet of Ethiopian army and thus a national hero who put his life fearlessly to protect the country’s unity, sovereignty and spilled his blood for the cause.

Comrade CAPTAIN GEBREMEDIHIN BERGA was stalwart fighter who proved himself successful in setting agenda of high public interest and bringing change in all issues he engaged himself at national and international platforms. He was widely known and greatly appreciated for a devastating blow that cracked false narratives regarding GMOs, local seed varieties and associated knowledge, food and nutrition security and corporate lies and their false solutions and unorthodoxy corporate conspiracy for state capture and transnational takeover of public resources, will and power. He was clearly conscious of corporate neocolonial tactics and interest to control nations through controlling the whole food system.

For Comrade CAPTAIN GEBREMEDIHIN, commoditization of food and associated products is tantamount to controlling life in all its form and contents. Thus, it is grossly immoral, unjust and devilish. Capt. GEBREMEDIHIN has been fighting nail and tooth this irrational notion till his last breath. He was very vocal, bold, a colossal public interest fighter, who will remain larger than death and stay alive and reverberate in all we do, think and reflect on public interest exemplary debate!

It is true the loss of such a charismatic, down to earth honest and sturdy public interest advocate will create a gap that could not be filled so soon and easily. But, his comrades and mentees will take the cause seriously sooner than later to join and keep up the fight, take his example and follow his foot step to advance the cause. Thus, the torch of his legacy will be upheld by many of his kinds. We are therefore be strongly convinced that his dream and desire will be actualized in not distant future. In this connection, we are the duty bearers for his dream come true!!!

We at MELCA-Ethiopia, including General assembly leadership, members, board of directors, management and staff members, extends our gratitude for his col

ossal unwavering committment and contribution to the diverse public causes at national and international levels. WE also send our sincere and heartfelt condolences to his beloved wife, children, family members, friends, Ethiopian consumer society members, and all the networks and associates in which he actively participated.