Dinsho Primary and Secondary School SEGNI Club Students

MELCA-Ethiopia is currently undertaking different programs in the Bale zone including Environmental Education (SEGNI), which mainly involves school children, with the financial support obtained from Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), MELCA-Ethiopia implementing “Building the Resilience of Bale Community for ecosystem rehabilitation and improving livelihoods”. Two case stories related with the SEGNI program project beneficiaries presented as follow.

Sumeya Tahir is a grade twelve student at Dinsho Secondary School. She is one of the leading actors of school’s SEGNI club.

Sumeya Tahir Reading a poem for Dinsho primary school student and teachers while her SEGNI club organized event

Sumeya talks about the SEGNI club: “It’s been five years since I joined the club; I have known the club since 2008; Before I joined the club, I had no knowledge of the benefits of the forest, but after I joined the club, I was able to understand the benefits of plants to human beings, and the club also helped us to make a behavioral change in my life.”


“It has also helped me to boldly present a variety of literary works by standing in front of people at various events organized by the club and has boosted my self-confidence. Before I joined the club, I had little knowledge of plants; I didn’t care if people were cutting down trees and clearing the area; but now, when people cut down trees, I think they are killing people, It bothers me to cut flowers myself. During our five days in the forest, we were able to meet and spend time with students from other schools.”


“There is a stick relay program held once a year at the club. This ceremony is taken from the Geda system and in the Geda system one Aba Gada will hand over the baton for eight years and in the same as SEGNI club system, one SEGNI club leader will hand over the baton to his successor in two years. When a club leader moves from eighth to ninth grade, from tenth grade to eleventh grade, and from twelfth grade to university, he assigns responsibilities to his successor in the form of a relay.”


“In addition, the club has helped us learn about our culture and identity; the club has helped us see our future dreams; it has helped many of our club members to develop their talents. I now want to be a journalist, for example, and the club is helping me to achieve my dream. We participate in various events organized by the club by performing dramas about nature, presenting poems and performing various plays and music.”

Dinsho Pr. School SEGNI Club Members and A mini museum of traditional items

“Our families also attend SEGNI Club programs to express their support and encouragement; In addition, our club has set up a park on our school grounds and planted seedlings. In addition, our club has been involved in cleaning up the inside and outside of the school grounds. We teach our little ones to take care of the environment, because we understand that conservation and the existence of forests are the reason for human existence.”



Sead Mohammed is a grade eight student at Dinsho Primary School. He is one of the leading actors of school’s SEGNI club.

Sead Mohammed

Sead talks about the SEGNI club “I was joining SEGNI club when I was grade four students. And when I went to Sanete forest, which is located in Bale Mountains National Park it was with my two friends for five days. One of our friends was a disruptive student at school, however during our five days forest experience in the jungle, he learned how to respect our younger and elders, and when we returned after five days from the jungle, our friend’s behavior was changed and we also learned a lot during the forest experience. He increased the respect for teachers, he began to focus on his education, he began to do various literary works, and his attitude towards forests and plants is changed and he took care of the environment.”


“Before I joined the club and I went to the Sanete forest for five days to learn about the benefits of forests, my view was insignificant to forests and environment; however, after returning from Sanete forest, I learned a lot of things about the benefits of forest, If the forests not conserved well it will affects all human beings for now and the next generation, I began to see trees as living things. When I see cutting down tree I feel sad and angry. We teach our little ones what we learned from our fathers in the forest.”

Dinsho Primary School SEGNI club members performing art and dressing like Bale Community Elders and blessing Participants of the program

“In our school’s mini-media, we will present local literary works such as fairy tales and poems through mini media equipment which is provided by MELCA-Ethiopia to our SEGNI club. Presenting literary works in Mini Media has helped us to gradually speak in public and express our opinions.”


“The club is my life because there is no life without forests. I will do my part to restore the declining forests. We are working to keep our club in the school; when the eighth graders move to the ninth grade, we transfer the club to the seventh graders. Also, when the twelfth graders go to university, they delegate the responsibility of the club to the eleventh graders.”

“Rural Livelihood Enhancement Project Wereilu” Eco-Friendly Livelihood Supports

“Rural Livelihood Enhancement project Wereilu” Eco-friendly Livelihood Supports MELCA-Ethiopia with financial support obtained from Bread for the World (BfW) since 2016 have been undertaking mainly Agro ecology and Eco-friendly livelihoods improvement programs in Amhara National Regional State, South Wollo Zone Wereilu Woreda three kebeles through “Rural Livelihood Enhancement” project. One of program implementing in the

MELCA-Ethiopia Beekeeping Support

MELCA-Ethiopia Beekeeping Support Adaba district is located in West Arsi zone of Oromia national regional state, and adjacent to Bale Mountains National Park. MELCA-Ethiopia implemented the “Sustainable improvement of the living conditions of small scale famer families in Ethiopia.” project starting from 01-12-2017. Adaba project Project funded by Karl Kubel Stiftung Foundation (KKS). Youth Musa

Harun, Girma, Nigeta and Their friends Fuel Saving Stove Producer Association

MELCA-Ethiopia is currently undertaking different programs in the Bale zone including Environmental Governance and Eco-friendly Livelihoods Improvement, with the financial support obtained from Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), MELCA-Ethiopia implementing “Building the Resilience of Bale Community for ecosystem rehabilitation and improving livelihoods”. One case story related with the Environmental Governance and Eco-friendly Livelihoods Improvement

Social Empowerment through Group Nature Interaction (SEGNI)

What is SEGNI conceptually, its origin and purpose? SEGNI in Oromiffa, one of the widely spoken languages of Ethiopia, means seed. Also, as an acronym, it stands for Social Empowerment through Nature and Group Interaction. The experience was taken from a similar environmental practice called ‘Imbewu’ in South Africa, which also means seed in the

Haji Nur Jawi Sacred Natural Site Association

Haji Nur Jawi Sacred Natural Site Association Located in Buko Kebelle of Goba District, Bale Zone, Haji Nur Jawi SNS covers about 5 to 6 hectares of forest land. The SNS had been established in about 2015 (2007 E.C.) through MELCA’s initiation and support. Currently, it consists of 26 members (16 M and 10 F)

እንደልቤ የነባር ዘር ማህበር

መልካ ኢትዮጵያ በአማራ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት፣ በደቡብ ወሎ ዞን ወረኢሉ ወረዳ በሶስት ቀበሌዎች ዉስጥ (011፣ 06፣ 04) “የገጠር ኑሮን ማሻሻል ፕሮጀክት” የሚል ስያሜ የተሰጠው ፕሮጀክት ቀርፆ ከብሬድ ፎር ዘ ዎርልድ ድርጅት በተገኘ የገንዘብ ድጋፍ ከነሐሴ 2010 ዓ.ም ጀምሮ ተግባራዊ እያደረገ ይገኛል ፡፡ የፕሮጀክቱ አጠቃላይ ዓላማ በአነስተኛ የኑሮ ደረጃ ያሉ አርሶ አደሮችን የኑሮ ሁኔታ ለማሻሻል ሲሆን

Participatory Forest Management Cooperatives (PFMCs)

Participatory Forest Management Cooperatives (PFMCs) PFMCs were learned to be one of MELCA’s good attributes in its environmental governance programme. Fundamentally, these are tools that empower and entrust local communities to play most active role in the management of local ecosystems, under the banner of conservation, protection and utilization principles adopted by the World Network

አፈርና ዉሀ ጥበቃ ስራዎች

መልካ ኢትዮጵያ በወረኢሉ ወረዳ 04፣ 06 እና 011 ቀበሌዎች ከሚሰራቸዉ ስራዎች መካከል አንዱ የአፈርና ዉሀ ጥበቃ ስራዎችን ሲሆን በወረዳዉ ከፍተኛ የሆነ የመሬት ቦረቦሮች ይገኛሉ ከእነርሱም መካከል በቀበሌ 011 አካባቢ የነበረዉ ቦረቦርን ለአብነት ያክል ማንሳት ይቻላል፡፡ በወረኢሉ ወረዳ ቀበሌ 011 የሚገኘዉ የአካባቢዉን ማህበረሰብ ለሁለት ከፍሎት የነበረዉ ቦረቦር እና መሬቱን የማዳን ስራ ላይ የአካባቢዉ ማህበረሰብ ተሳትፎ ሲያደርግ

Edget Behibret Self-Help Group

Some 14 members of Edget Behibret Edget Behibret Self-Help Group (SHG) were met inside the compound of 06 Kebelle Administration Office Wereilu District. Edget Behibret in Amahric language means “growth in unity”.   The Group had been established in April 2015 (2007 E.C.) with 18 member. The members had been given basic skill training organized

Youth Custodians for Sustainability of SNS

Youth Custodians for Sustainability of SNS Munamuno SNS at Bale zone Dinsho Woreda Since its establishment MELCA-Ethiopia has been working to conserve Bio cultural diversity in the Sacred Natural Site (SNS) through implementation of the cultural connection to nature conservation concept. One of the methods that the organization has been implementing is motivating the rehabilitation