Call for consultancy service for the formulation of national Food policy study and knowledge products

  1. Organizational background

MELCA-ETHIOPIA is an indigenous, non-governmental, not for profit making and secular development organization working for a healthy ecosystem, vibrant culture and improved lives of communities in Ethiopia. The organization recently re-registered with the Agency for Civil Society Organizations on 14 November 2019 in accordance with Civil Society Organizations proclamation No. 1113/2019. MELCA-Ethiopia operates in 7 project offices in 5 regional states (Oromia, SNNPR, Amhara, Benishangul Gumuz and Gembella.

Ethiopia has put in place a number of national food and nutrition policy and strategies related to food system governance. However, their discrete nature, lack of coherence among other things  calls for the formulation of a comprehensive food policy that addresses the multi functional and cross-sectoral nature of food governance. Thus, this call for a proposal is aiming at inviting a competent consultant or firm to submit technical and financial proposals  for the formulation of  a comprehensive policy framework and associated knowledge products with  the intention to create understanding  among actors and submit a policy white paper for concerned government body for consideration.

The following are the major outputs:

  • Background Ethiopian Food system study (review) document
  • National Food system policy white paper to be submitted to the government
  • Policy briefs, recommendations
  • Proceeding of the Workshops

 Requirements for the consultant (s)

  • A strong technical background in the fields of sustainable agriculture, environment, soil health, nutritional security , right to food, food sovereignty, and similar food system related subjects
  • Sufficient work experience and deep understanding of national and international agreements, initiatives and best practices applicable to Ethiopian Agri-food system, including, access and benefits sharing, equity, diversity, knowledge system, governance arrangements and multi-functionality of food system, etc.
  • Having experience in similar undertakings
  • Have a renewed legal business license and paid current year government applicable taxes as applicable but individual consultants are also welcomed.

Interested applicants can collect the term of reference (ToR)  from or consult  with MELCA-Ethiopia head office in 5 working days from the date of this advertisement onwards during regular working hours, from Monday to Friday from October 25 – 29, 2021, at address mentioned below, and submit a technical and financial proposal in separately sealed envelope within 10 working days from the date of the appearance of this request for the proposal, from October 25 – November 5, 2021. MELCA-Ethiopia reserves the right to reject any or all bids.

MELCA-Ethiopia Address:-

Physical Address: In front of Ambassador Theatre, Ras Desta Damtew Street, Kedane Beyene Building, 1st floor, Room No 903/6

Telephone +251 (0) 115 50 71 72 or +251 (0) 115 54 45 54, P.O.Box 1519 code 1250, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

E-mail: or