MELCA-Ethiopia Majang Project Eco-friendly Livelihoods Improvement Supports and 2021 Physical Year Major Activities

Majang Zone, Mengeshi woreda women group goat beneficiaries

MELCA-Ethiopia implementing project entitled “Growth for the Future (G4F) Programme II: Natural Resource Management for Resilience and Economic Development in Rural Ethiopia”, with partner Farm Africa and financial support from Sida.

Through this project MELCA-Ethiopia is implementing a wide range of eco-friendly livelihood improvement activities in Gambella people’s regional state, Majang zone Godere and Mengeshi woreda. In 2021 physical year MELCA-Ethiopia reorganized and strengthening two women group and one youth group in Godere woreda semuy kebele, and Megesh woreda in kumi kebele and Godere mission kebele collaborating with local government.

Majang Zone, Mengeshi woreda Youth group goat beneficiaries

Each group has 10 members and prepared their own bylaws and opens a saving bank account, and they started saving. Additionally MELCA-Ethiopia injected 100,000 birr for each self-help groups as a revolving fund. Each group members according to their needs lending money from groups, most of them bought goat for fattening purpose and some of them run a small business. Each group member according to their bylaw they will repay the loan and can again also lend from the group for additional income generating activity.

Weighing Scale Modern Honey Refiners Support for PFMCs

Additionally from eco-friendly livelihoods improvement support MELCA-Ethiopia working on organizing and strengthening participatory forest management cooperatives one of MELCA’s good attributes in its environmental governance program. In Majang zone there are 31 kebelles out of the total 31kebelles 11 PFMCs and in neighbor Angwa zone Abobo woreda 3 kebeles has been established and registered as legal entities.

PFMCs floor tile work

MELCA-Ethiopia beyond the establishment and legalized of PFMCs, working on strengthening cooperatives to generate incomes from MFBR major source of honey and other non-timber forest products. In the 2021 physical year MELCA-Ethiopia have been provided 14 weighing scale & 14 modern honey refiners for 14 established PFMCs to help them sell their honey & other product to better market. And it also built six new offices and warehouses for six PFMCs and for five PFMCs floor tile work has been done and handed over for the cooperatives.

New Offices and Warehouses Built for PFMCs

Beekeeping Training for Beekeepers, Farmers, Extension Service Providers, Experts, and Development Agents

Beekeeping Training for Beekeepers, Farmers, Extension Service Providers, Experts, and Development Agents The Trainee Group During Inspecting of Modern (Langstroth) Beehive Beekeeping is one of the core environmentally friendly income generation (livelihood improvement) activities of the MELCA-Ethiopia program thematic area. The interventions are essentially based on non-timber forest products that work in an ecologically sound

Agroecology YALTA Initiative Story Map

{{ vc_btn: title=YALTA+Initiative+StoryMap&color=success& }}{{ vc_btn: title=YALTA+Initiative+StoryMap&color=success& }}{{ vc_btn: title=YALTA+Initiative+StoryMap&color=success& }} The 4th Annual National Biosphere Reserves Network MeetingMELCA-Ethiopia and NABU jointly organized the fourth annual national biosphere reserves network meeting with the title “Biosphere Reserve: Policy and Sustainability Matters” with the financial support Embassy of Sweden through Farm Africa on September 30, 2021 at Gambella

Backyard Gardening for Enhancing Agro-ecological Practices and Livelihoods of Women- Wereilu Project

MELCA-Ethiopia with the purpose of strengthening and empowering women through engaging them in agroecology and food system programs have been working on supporting women by engaging them in different eco-friendly livelihood activities. One of the projects working on such activities is its Wereilu project located in South Wello of Amhara National Regional State. Ms. Medina

“Watchtowers enabled us to stay longer time in the forest”: Story from Ranger

“Watchtowers enabled us to stay longer time in the forest”: Story from Ranger Ato Shibru Tolla Clan Leader and Ranger During Watching Sheka FBR Shibru Tolla is a clan leader and ranger in Sheka Zone, Masha Woreda, and one of the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to guarding part of the rainforest situated