MELCA-Ethiopia launched a new project in Oromia National Regional State Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne Welmara Woreda.

Community Elders “Aba Geda” Opening the Launching Workshop by Blessing
With the project titled Enhancing the Resilience Capacity of Smallholder Farmers of Welmera through Promoting Agro-ecological Practices and Market Access, MELCA-Ethiopia launched a new project in Oromia National Regional State, Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne Walmera Woreda with the financial support of SOS Faim Belgium To contribute to national level poverty reduction through building resilience and wellbeing of communities and their ecosystems, the project will implement for coming five years (2022 – 2026).
Ato Sorsa Debela SOS Faim Representative During His Opening Remark
In the earlier MELCA-Ethiopia has been worked in the woreda and shown a visible change. MELCA comeback to Walmera Woreda with the prior objective of “to support communities engaged in sustainable agriculture and learning practices that improve their life and livelihoods while at the same time protecting their environment and conserving their bio-cultural diversity”.
With the presence of Woredas administration representatives and officers, kebeles development agents, community leaders, four kebele farmer representatives and school administration, and SOS Faim representative MELCA-Ethiopia conducted a project launch workshop in Holeta Town on October 06, 2022.
Ato Mersha Yilma Program Director of MELCA-Ethiopia while presenting

Ato Tadesse Kaba MELCA-Ethiopia Welmara Project Coordinator while presenting about the project
The launching workshop has been opened by community elder “Aba Geda” blessing. And workshop participants express their happiness by MELCA-Ethiopia come back and welcomed the new project, and they give their word to contribute and work together with MELCA-Ethiopia to achieve the planned goal.
The new project’s specific objectives are to contribute to conservation of farmers’ seed varieties and agro-biodiversity, to increase household income of smallholder farmer families by supporting them to be engaged in agro-ecology and facilitation of market access, to contribute to reduction of unemployment and poverty in the project area by supporting women and youth to be engaged in eco-friendly income generation activities, to enhance bio-cultural diversity awareness of the youth and community for better conservation and management of the local natural resources.

Beekeeping Training for Beekeepers, Farmers, Extension Service Providers, Experts, and Development Agents

Beekeeping Training for Beekeepers, Farmers, Extension Service Providers, Experts, and Development Agents The Trainee Group During Inspecting of Modern (Langstroth) Beehive Beekeeping is one of the core environmentally friendly income generation (livelihood improvement) activities of the MELCA-Ethiopia program thematic area. The interventions are essentially based on non-timber forest products that work in an ecologically sound

Agroecology YALTA Initiative Story Map

{{ vc_btn: title=YALTA+Initiative+StoryMap&color=success& }}{{ vc_btn: title=YALTA+Initiative+StoryMap&color=success& }}{{ vc_btn: title=YALTA+Initiative+StoryMap&color=success& }} The 4th Annual National Biosphere Reserves Network MeetingMELCA-Ethiopia and NABU jointly organized the fourth annual national biosphere reserves network meeting with the title “Biosphere Reserve: Policy and Sustainability Matters” with the financial support Embassy of Sweden through Farm Africa on September 30, 2021 at Gambella

Backyard Gardening for Enhancing Agro-ecological Practices and Livelihoods of Women- Wereilu Project

MELCA-Ethiopia with the purpose of strengthening and empowering women through engaging them in agroecology and food system programs have been working on supporting women by engaging them in different eco-friendly livelihood activities. One of the projects working on such activities is its Wereilu project located in South Wello of Amhara National Regional State. Ms. Medina