Green Hero of 2009

MELCA’s Bale Project has been awarded by his Excellency Girma W/Giorgis the FDRE President for its remarkable achievements in the conservation and rehabilitation of degraded areas around Bale Mountains National Park.

Strategic Planning Development

MELCA Mahiber undertakes strategic planning from March 9 -11/2007 at Debreziet. All the staffs of MELCA were participated in the strategic planning process. The process was facilitated by Paulin Wilson, a volunteer from England.

Seed Diversity and GE-Free Zones

Seed diversity is the basis of food security and food sovereignty. Seed is a community resource that has always been shared amongst communities. Local seed exchange between farmers and communities has been – and continues to be – the basis of agricultural development in Ethiopia. Seed developed by the local farmers represents up to 90% of all seed planted in the country. Even today, it is the farming communities of Ethiopia that are the nurturers of seed diversity and the producers of seed, not the governmental programs or the industry laboratories.

Advocacy at Sheka Forest

The results of a baseline study conducted by MELCA in 2005 on the situation and threats to Sheka Forest provide a framework for MELCA’s work to save the forest and bring about policy change on issues concerning environmental and community rights, and a focused and coordinated advocacy. Thus, five research works which focused Land use/Land cover changes, the impact of land use/ land covers changes on biodiversity, the impact of cultural changes on the people of Sheka and their traditional resource management practices, legal and institutional analysis for sustainable use of forest resources, and economic value of natural forest in sheka Zone have been sponsored by MELCA.