Child and Youth Empowerment

Children and youth empowerment has close relationship with our previous SEGNI program where children and youth in targeted schools were active participants in the program. In the five-day SEGNI program, children and youth had access to meet community elders who have rich experience regarding environmental governance, culture and agro-ecology. However, our current children and youth empowerment program is brought to a program level incorporating quality education starting from upper primary schools (grade 5-12) and youth business and vocational skill training programs as a preparation for youth employment initiatives. While MELCA is committed to support vulnerable children through the supply of scholastic materials, sanitation pads for young girls, empower school clubs including SEGNI, active learning methodology for teachers and other school environment improvement interventions such as safe drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene, library and school community attachment will be key program activities to improve quality education. On other hand, young men and women will also be participating in different livelihoods trainings to upgrade their marketable skills and expand employability (self employment in particular).