Children and Youth Empowerment

The program aims to create children and youth who are rooted in their sustainable cultural practices but contribute positively to their environment. They will be facilitated to connect with nature, culture, and themselves and to get a quality education.

Children and youth empowerment have a close relationship with our previous SEGNI program is designed to create a proactive youth movement for the conservation of nature and the culture of local communities. It is a way for transferring Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) from elders to the young generation. Being well equipped with the knowledge of the value of conserving the natural resources and related cultural values of their communities, the youth would always stand up to say “NO” to any threat to the culture and natural resources of their communities. SEGNI has been one of the best learning experiences for Education for Sustainable Development, selected and recognized as such by UNESCO in 2011.

Five Day Forest Experience/ የአምስት ቀን ደን (ጫካ) ውስጥ የመቆየት ልምምድ

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