Eco-friendly Livelihoods Improvement

This program works to improve the life of disadvantaged local communities through provision of alternative livelihood options but in a way that does not harm both the culture and the environment. Livelihoods improvement schemes are meant to minimize the economic need driven pressure on the limited forest coverage and diversify income in the project areas. As such, alternative means of livelihood have been created for disadvantaged/unemployed segment of the communities, with a particular focus on women youth and minority groups, cutting across programs that can be used as tools for the achievement of the overall objectives of each of the major thematic areas.
Improvement of livelihoods will be realized through selecting and organizing the disadvantaged community members into cooperatives/ associations, practical farm management training, use of eco-friendly agricultural inputs and technologies, improved agricultural practices, and engaging them in off-farm and non-farm alternative income-generating activities such as animal fattening, beekeeping, collecting wild spices, home gardening, and poultry.

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